Chiropractic Testimonials

"Two years ago, I was unable to walk or put my own shirt on. I found her by must, during the Sturgis Rally. She helped me immediately and has continued to keep me in alignment with no flare ups since then."

- Vernon C.

"Dr. Abby Johnson is a kind, down home and caring person. She has made it able for me to comfortably walk and work with minimal to no back, neck and leg pain and return to a full-time job. Thank you, Dr. Abby!"

- Dorothy T.

“I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Abby and this clinic. I appreciate the thoroughness and the fact that she wants to see you through to better health.”

- Laurie R.

“Able to get me an appointment on short notice and work around my busy schedule. My treatment here improved my back problem immediately which in my opinion is the mark of a good chiropractor.”

- Adam C.

“Over the past few years I have been a patient of Dr. Abby. I have always been treated with great respect and caring while in her office. In the challenge of dealing with my injury Dr. Abby has not only given me effective adjustments helping to keep my pain at bay, but I was also offered new ideas on diet, exercise, rest and of course drink more WATER!!! What a life saver! All of my best Dr. Abby with much gratitude!”

- Jeremy S.

“If I had a million I would give it to her. She has helped me so much.”

- Troy P.

“Very pleased! I would have been laid up the rest of the summer if it wasn’t for Dr. Abby.”

- Kathy S.

“I have been struggling with headaches for as long as I can remember. After spending thousands of dollars with dentists & orthodontists without any change in headaches, both in number and intensity I discovered Dr. Abby. My headaches now are basically non-existent with regular checkups and care. My children and husband also see Dr. Abby as well. If the kids complain that their neck and back hurt we get them in for a treatment and they are good-to-go. Thanks Dr. Abby!”

- Theresa C.

“Never having gone to a chiropractor I was skeptical to the amount of help I would receive. Dr. Abby is extremely thorough in her work, and thus, I have my full range of motion again. She has become the go-to for my chiropractic care, as well as for my kids. I would recommend that anyone interested in the benefits of chiropractic care turn to Dr. Abby”

- Charlee B.

“Dr. Abby and staff have always been helpful and accommodating with my schedule and rendering appointments. The help in assessing my insurance was very important on savings. She does good work!”

- Clark S.

“I first saw Dr. Abby at the recommendation of a friend for knee pain. I was to the point that I thought I would need knee surgery and could not take stairs one at a time. Not only do I not need knee surgery but Dr. Abby has worked to reduce my chronic neck and shoulder pain from my desk job as well. Dr. Abby is the best!”

- A.H.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Abby for several years now. My experiences have been nothing but good. The staff and atmosphere are always pleasant and professional. I would recommend Belle Fourche Family Chiropractic to anyone --- except people I don’t like ;).

- Leon S.

“I started care because of extreme pain and it was getting worse and it was constant. With the use of adjustments and cold laser I am not continuing to get worse, but better. The improvement is holding steady and that is a good thing because I was in so much pain. I would recommend Dr. Abby to anyone.”

- Joe B.

“I came in for tingling and numbness in my hands. Dr. Abby thoroughly explained what could be causing my symptoms. As she predicted, I was a little sore after the adjustment, but that night I finally wasn’t woken up with my hands falling asleep. The adjustments are a welcome solution. Thanks Dr. Abby”

- Autumn H.

“After having multiple head injuries and being in a car accident, my neck and lower back hurt constantly. After starting care with Dr. Abby, I can sleep on my back for the 1st time in years. I didn’t know it was possible to not have neck and low back pain or what “normal” should feel like. I can go back to playing sports and running without pain. I have been very impressed with Dr. Abby and her staff. I would recommend her to everyone!”

- Cheryl W.

“I feel so much better since I have been seeing Dr. Abby Johnson. Her adjustments have helped my back pain and have also decreased the number of migraine headaches I get. I would whole heartedly recommend her as a chiropractor.”

- Chelly C.

“Dr. Abby has worked wonders on me and with her advice of doing exercises on top of the adjustment has helped me a lot. Her care is effective and I feel that it has helped me keep well through the winter.”

- Frances

"The best chiropractic service ever. Has helped me with a lot of stuff."

- K. Harkins

"Dr. Abby has made such progress with me. I am feeling like myself again and I didn't think it was possible! A year ago I was really hurt between my shoulder blade. It was so severe that it caused other health issues. Seeing her regularly and doing exercises has allowed me to get back to my daily tasks and more! I never thought I would be healed from this! She truly knows what she is doing! Thank you!"

- Erin W.

"I started seeing Dr. Abby about 3 years ago. I didn't have much motion in my neck and back. I was starting to feel pretty old. Within 4 months, she had me moving freely again - GREAT FEELING - GREAT DOCTOR! She is very attentive and she does what she has to, to help you."

- Patty W.


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